If you need glasses for reading and also sit at a computer, chances are you have experienced eye, neck or back strain. There are lenses made especially for intermediate and close vision, which are perfect for computer work. Some lenses have a blended progressive add style with a wider “middle” vision area and a wider “reading” area than the traditional progressive add lens (also known as a no-line bifocal). The lenses help relieve strain because the wearer doesn’t have to tilt their head back as far to focus for near or intermediate distances..

Anti- reflective coating is also important to control glare from the computer screen and overhead lights. The newer coatings are much improved because they are hydrophobic to making them easier to clean. Custom tinted, mirror coated, or almost clear Polaroid (trademark) lenses are available for computer use also. In addition the harder coats make them more scratch resistant

Clear Vision Optical has put together a package that includes frame, exceptional A/R coating. For a very reasonable price everyone can have a pair of glasses for computer only. You CAN have good vision AND be comfortable while working at your computer! Call or stop in to discuss your needs and see our large selection of wonderful frames!

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