Knowledge about your particular vision problem permits an understanding of how various laser correction procedures work, their risks and alternatives. Please read the appropriate section(s) just below BEFORE reading the lower section about laser vision correction.

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Please read AFTER reading about your particular refractive vision problem above.

Undercorrection and overcorrection are possible for all types of laser vision correction procedures. Possible serious, although rare, complications include permanent loss of best corrected vision. It is impossible to list and describe all possible complications and risks. All surgery, including laser vision correction has risks.

The following are criteria for people who may appropriately consider treatment with the excimer laser: (Please note that we have other requirements than those stated here. A complete medical and vision history as well as comprehensive eye exam and discussion are necessary before deciding what is appropriate for your eyes and vision.)

  • You must be 21 years of age and preferably at least 25. Dr. Nepple feels many people under 25 years old will become significantly more nearsighted and thus will require a second, third or fourth laser treatment as they become more nearsighted. He encourages most people to wait until age 25.
  • Your refractive error should be relatively stable for at least one year.
  • You must meet FDA guidelines for the degree of refractive error approved for a particular procedure.
  • Your cornea thickness must be adequate for the degree of laser correction necessary to meet your goal of good uncorrected vision.
  • You must not be taking certain drugs such as Accutane TM.
  • Your ocular and general medical condition and history must be appropriate.
  • Your cornea topography, or the map of your cornea shape, must be normal and the map should not show any specific contraindications.
  • You must not be pregnant or have other contraindications to having laser vision correction including: certain skin and genetic conditions, specific previous or on going eye infections, dry eyes, and certain other conditions not listed here.

You should have realistic expectations.
No absolute guarantees about your immediate uncorrected vision following laser vision correction or future vision changes requiring glasses, contact lenses, or laser/other vision procedures can be given. The eye continues to change as we get older. Please read all the laser procedure sections in order to make the best decision for your eyes.


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