Wavefront Technology

Wavefront Technology is now being evaluated to determine if the current uncorrected visions being achieved after laser vision correction can be improved.

A safe diagnostic laser beam (not a treatment laser beam) is directed into the eye. The beam is reflected Wavefront Custom Laser Treatmentback from inside the eye and the rays are measured at numerous points outside the eye. A computer utilizes the measurements to determine the “wavefront” which shows the imperfections of how light is being focused by the particular eye being examined. The measured “wavefront” for a particular eye can then be used to customize the laser vision correction treatment creating higher probability for excellent uncorrected vision. In theory, this exciting new technology may make uncorrected visions of even better than 20/20 after laser treatment common.

Wavefront technology attempts to reduce “aberrations” of light following laser vision corrections. Aberrations commonly exist in normal eyes. Images focused in the eye may have both “lower” and/or “higher” aberrations. Common examples include spherical, coma, trefoil, and tetrafoil aberrations. Aberrations affect vision by causing problems such as halos, starbursts, etc.

Wavefront technology may improve post laser treatment vision for some but not all people having laser vision correction.

Cornea Topography Technology

It is important to measure the curve on the cornea surface carefully, in advance of laser treatment, to determine if laser correction can be safely performed and how much treatment can be applied. This is because laser vision treatment corrects the focus of light in the eye by both thinning and changing the curvature of the cornea. Our office uses cornea topography technology with a computer to map over 5000 points on the surface of the cornea. Additionally, pachymetry is done to measure the actual thickness of the cornea. This allows calculation of cornea residual thickness after the excimer laser treatment.

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