Diabetes mellitus is one of the most significant causes of vision loss worldwide. Either insulin or non-insulinDiabetic Eye Evaluation & Treatment dependent diabetes may lead to serious vision loss. In fact, there is almost no part of the eye that cannot be seriously affected by complications of diabetes. However, most of the serious diabetic eye problems leading to vision loss are related to the retina at the back of the eye. The retina is the layer structure in the back of the eye which transforms light that enters the eye to a nerve impulse which goes to the visual cortex in the back of the brain to create vision.

Diabetes may damage the retina by causing leakage of fluid from vessels, new abnormal vessels with bleeding, and/or closure of vessels causing poor or no blood supply to the retina. Most patients who have diabetes will eventually develop diabetic retina eye problems (called diabetic retinopathy) and will need treatment possibly including laser to reduce the risk of or treat vision loss.

Regular examinations and treatment for diabetic eye problems including fundus photography (photographic documentation of the current status of the optic nerve and retina) are provided for our patients. Specialized testing and treatments are also available for eye problems which are caused or related to diabetes including cataracts, new vessel glaucoma (called neovascular glaucoma), etc.

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