Cataract and intraocular lens implant surgery is a primary service of our practice. We are proud to have been the first practice in the area to offer small incision phacoemulsification cataract surgery. We were performing this small incision surgery with lens implants for our patients with cataracts for many years before other ophthalmologists in the area.

Prior to cataract surgery, the length or size of the eye is measured to determine the power of the lens to beCataract- Lens Implant Surgery implanted for our patients to try to reduce future dependence on glasses. In addition, specular microscopy be done to determine if there may be a potential problem, which may be avoided, for patients who want cataract and lens implant surgery.

During cataract surgery, the cloudy lens of the eye (when the lens becomes cloudy the cloudy lens is called a cataract) is removed and a lens implant (usually a clear foldable lens) is inserted through a very small incision. The lens implant power is adjusted depending upon the desires of and vison goals of the patient having cataract surgery.

Premium Lenses

Premium Lenses are lens implants which attempt to allow the eye to focus clearly without glasses or contact lenses at different distances from the eye following cataract-lens implant surgery. Distance vision is generally considered 20 feet or further away, intermediate vision is considered further than reading distance but less than 20 feet, and near vision is generally considered reading vision distance (approximately 18 inches from the eye). These “premium lenses” have both advantages and disadvantages from the usual “monofocal lens” which is in focus at only one distance (usually distance or near) still the most common type of lens implant. This is discussed with all of our patients before surgery. Please see the sections of our website “Presbyopia” and “Monovision”.

Consideration must also be made for a focusing problem called “Astigmatism” which can sometimes be partially or totally corrected at the time of cataract with lens implant surgery or after cataract surgery using Cataract- Lens Implant Surgerylaser vision correction.

Virtually all our cataract and lens implant surgery is done as outpatient surgery within the safety of St. Joseph’s Hospital in West Bend. Our patients check in for surgery and usually leave 3-4 hours later. Medicare and other insurance are routinely accepted.

Following the restoration of good vision after cataract surgery, our full service professional optical dispensary is available for changes in lenses and/or the provision of high quality and fashionable frames.


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